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You will not use a towel? Knowledge and use of various towel summary
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You know how long it will use a towel right? Do you know how to buy a towel? How can I keep towels soft? How conservation towel? What is the correct use of a towel? Now we ask you to be patient and listen to eleven. 

1, how long it is appropriate to use a towel? 

Experts, personal best 30 days with a towel around it to get a new, up to not more than 40 days. Some might say that this is not just a waste it? In fact, this is a scientific reason. 

Towels will be issued with a long hard, and most importantly, it will be contaminated with the bacteria, the human body more harm than good. Practice has proved that money, bedding, towel products are the three infectious diseases indirect media. However, there are still a lot of people by the traditional concepts, there are some unscientific method: if more than a towel, a towel multi-purpose, not broken do not change, do not pay attention to hygiene, neglect product quality and so on. 

We know that the towel is made of pure cotton. Cotton fiber is a tubular structure containing a hollow cavity cells, can store water; Its main chemical composition of the cellulose molecule contains a large number of hydrophilic gene, can absorb moisture. This absorbent cotton, wet storage performance, make towels feel comfortable, decontamination capability, suitable for hygiene. But it is precisely because of this feature, as the bacteria breeding facilities provided. Bacteria favorite warm and humid environment. Towel a long time in humid condition, coupled with grease, dust, impurities in the water, air, dust, etc. on human skin deposited on a towel, over time, became the bacteria towel paradise. Such a towel and then wipe the skin, not only would not achieve the cleaning effect, but will stain the skin, clog pores. Like makeup ladies and children's fast metabolism, skin oils and more, towels and more vulnerable to infection, damage to human skin in particular. 

Therefore, experts recommend: Do not wait for a towel with broken back. Cycle with the same toothbrush, towel longest period of use can not be more than three months. 

2, towel natural breakage secret 

It was reflected in the use of new towels or partial holes will soon appear brittle damage, mainly from the mold. 

Our engineering staff study found that most of the irregular hole in the towel, observed with a microscope at the brittle damage discoloration, mildew was found in the fiber surface, after washing still detectable fiber mold colonies. Towels are brittle damage or wipe after wash, no dry heat oppressed the store into containers, storage longer brittle damage more serious. 

Also new on the broken towel a wash. The towel is washed pulp with a towel desizing, starch slurry wherein the nutrient is precisely the mold, once the heat oppressed with environmental conditions, mold breeding will quickly multiply and secrete enzymes that break down the fiber and starch glucose. Meanwhile sweat dander contained (including proteins, fats, amino acids and potassium, sodium and other inorganic salts), to further promote the breeding of bacteria and other microorganisms, releasing acidic substances, not only conducive to the survival of the bacteria, but also accelerated the hydrolysis of starch and fibers. So, after the new towels are not used or washed with starch, in hot and humid environment will be moldy unventilated brittle damage. 

So, if you have found a towel slimy feeling, accompanied by odor, wash with soap as soon as possible and should be ventilated place to dry. The new production of towels must be desizing, dry, cool before storing packaged, must not under hot and humid environment stored for too long, to avoid mildew. 

3, how to distinguish between good and bad towels 

First, the appearance of the observation: towel sewing fine, copy neat, uniform width, smooth vertical and horizontal, not inclined not to twist, elastic consistency, high hair neat, velvet ring upright; Satisfy towel flush head straight, smooth velvet ring, rare lint spilled outside those as well. Pure bright colors, no shades of uneven phenomenon were as good. 

Second, the hand touch: good feel fluffy cotton towels, soft without a greasy feel. Grip in the fist soft and flexible, flapping lint off. 

Third, sniffing: towel does not smell good. If candles taste or smell of ammonia, indicating excess softener; If sour, PH value may be excessive; if pungent taste, then the use of formaldehyde-containing fixative, precipitation of free formaldehyde. 

Fourth, the measured moisture: hanging towels, hand towels thrown on to the wet, do not tumble drops, indicating rapid absorption diffusion, hygroscopic good; if drops rolled down, you are prompted towel softener excessive or refining inadequate. 

Fifth, the measured color fastness: first pour hot water about 80 ℃ basin, and then put a towel down and eliminating the wash. Pot of water does not change color were as good; if Lase, it indicates poor printing quality, impede human health. Such a towel by China Textile Association, Mr. Yang Donghui words are "in the face with industrial waste." 

Therefore, we recommend that you try to large shopping malls, supermarkets or stores to buy towels, and choose the regular manufacturer's products. Qualified towel products are standardized logo, manufacturer, origin, phone, trademarks, performance standards, washing methods indicate reasonable price, value for money. 

4, how to use a towel 

Towel is a pile fabric, fluffy but sparse, a large gap, easily concealed bacteria, microbes and other pathogens, is the root cause of the spread and cross-infection. For your health, we recommend that you: 

First, someone special, dedicated exclusively towel 

From our national conditions, consumer health care experts advocate the number of towels for personal use, "men and three (of) women and four (bar)", the minimum standard is "male and two (of) women and three (bar)." Wash, bath, feet with a towel must be separated to avoid localized skin disease transmission to the body, but also an effective way to prevent cross-infection. 

Second, the correct Xishai regularly disinfected. Advised to rinse with fresh water wash or shower gel and clean after a bath, wipe dry with a dry towel, thus reducing the adhesion of human dirt on the towel. Towels should be promptly cleaned after use, every 10 minutes a week with boiling water disinfection, dry place to hang ventilation, it is best to promptly dried or drying. Not commonly used towels must be sterilized by boiling and dry before placing them in order to avoid moldy. 

Third, the timely replacement, often for new. This is the key to change the traditional consumer misunderstanding. 

Fourth, special treatment is necessary. Such as adding in 1.5 kg of water 30 grams of soda or safety net lotion cook 10 minutes, so stiff towels become soft. 

5, towel why the more you use the more hard 

Frequent contact, in use, the towel sweat glands in the skin, the pores continuously secrete oil, sweat and other body fluids. Wherein the fat, protein, dander, inorganic salts, grime and other impurities are hardly dissolved in water. If you simply washing with water, it is difficult to clean, these impurities will accumulate in the towel fibers. In addition, people bathe, wash your face with a soap, easily and calcium and magnesium ions in the water to form calcium, magnesium soaps, oils penetrate along the fibers, making towels velvet ring fibronectin hard, rough. Therefore, the longer the time, the accumulation of fat between the fibers, the more impurities, towel feels, the more you use the more hard. 

6, how to keep towels soft? 

Now, we already know the towel harden, become rough truth. So, how to make a soft towel to keep it? Let us teach you a few life tips, you may wish to try. 

First, the first two times the rice water into the pot, then put the towel to cook, boil and then cook a rice water will be clean again. After this treatment, the towel will be white, but also a touch of rice cakes. 

Second, put a towel on the washing liquid hot water or hot after cooking for 5 minutes, then serve hot clean. 

Third, every so often with soap, detergent or lye towel boil a few minutes, can prevent hair hard. When the towel should be fully submerged in the boiling water, to avoid contact with air oxidation changes for chroma. Then rinse, rinse with warm water followed by clean water to dry in a ventilated place. After drying, soft towels will be restored. Need to be reminded, towels not long exposure in the sun, in well-ventilated place to dry naturally is better. 

Fourth, the towel first with boiling water about 10 minutes, then wash with soap, then rinse with clean water. Finally, the towel folded into the microwave oven, heating 5 minutes. 

Fifth, the towel on a: 4 vinegar solution, the water not more diffuse through the towel on the line. Soak for 5 minutes before scrubbing and then, rinse with water to clean. Recovery flexibility also allows the towel. 

7, towels stank how do 

Long with a towel stained with grease, dander, proteins, salts and other impurities, is a good medium for bacteria. The addition of a wet towel daily, once the temperature conditions are right, bacteria will breed to breed. Contains large amounts of fecal bacteria, ammonia, acetaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide and other odors, will produce stench towel. 

To solve the problem of smelly towels changed, first, be sure to use the full wash detergent after use; Second, the use must be placed in ventilated place to dry; Third, use a towel or sterilized finishing with bamboo fiber , chitin, bamboo fiber or sterilizing agent containing hollow yarns towels; fourth is the most important thing, not a long time with no change in the towel, the best updated every three months. 

8, towels Magical 

Some would say that the towel is a towel, except that it's clean, but also have other uses? However, at a given moment a particular environment, towels really come in handy some. 

First, we use at home or liquefied petroleum gas water heating, cooking, such as a wet towel standing on the side, in case of gas or liquefied petroleum gas leak fire nozzle, with a wet towel up a flutter, then quickly close the valve, you can avoid a fire may occur. 

Second, when the chef cook cooking around often put a wet towel, if the pan on fire, you can quickly cover on it, the fire will be extinguished immediately. 

Third, under certain circumstances, a wet towel was on top of a gas mask. The secret lies in addition to smoke effect towels. Practice has proved that when refuge in smoke in a fire, with a towel over his mouth and nostrils, and fire can quickly get out of self-help. Test was done, the more layers of folded towels in addition to smoke the better, folded eight layers of smoke removal rate of about 60%. Towel different humidity, smoke removal rates vary, the greater the water content, the greater the rate of addition of smoke. When the moisture content reaches 3.3 times the towel, human endurance time is about 1 minute and 20 seconds.

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