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Hotel towel washing knowledge
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There are six main features of the hotel towels 

     High hotel absorbent towel: 

     Superfine fiber using orange petal type technology will filament into eight lobes, the fiber surface area increases, the increase in porosity fabric, using capillary wicking effect enhanced absorption effect. Rapid absorption and quick drying as its notable features. 

     Hotel towel strong detergency: 

     Fiber fineness of silk-tenth of hair 200, its special cross-section can more effectively capture small as a few microns of dust particles, decontamination, degreasing effect is very obvious. 

     Hotel towels are not hair removal: 

     High-strength synthetic filament, not broken, while using fine weave, not spinning, from circle, fiber is also easy to fall off from the surface of the towel. It is made with a clean towel, Cache towels, especially for clean bright painted surfaces, plated surfaces, glass, gauges and LCD screens, in the automotive films made during the course of the glass cleaning process, can achieve very good film effect. 

     Hotel towel long life: 

     Because microfiber strength, toughness, so its service life is more than four times the life of an ordinary towel, washed repeatedly without distortion, while the polymer fibers will not produce a protein hydrolyzate as cotton fibers, namely the use of after not Liangshai, it will not mildew, rot, has a long life. 

     Hotel towel washing tips (two) 

     Hotel towels to clean: 

     When ordinary towel use, especially natural fiber towel, wipe the surface will be dirt, grease, dirt, etc. directly absorbed into the fiber remains in the fibers into internal use, easy to remove, even with a longer period of time will harden after losing flexibility of use. The microfiber towel is adsorbed on the dirt between the fibers (not inside the fiber), fiber coupled high-fiber, high density, and therefore strong adsorption capacity, after using just use a little water or detergent can. 

     Hotel towels are not fade: 

     Dyeing process using TF-215 and other dye microfiber material for its slow dyeing, dye transfer, heat dispersion, achromatic targets are met the stringent standards of the international export market, in particular the advantage that it does not fade, clean the surface of the article when it will not bring bleaching pollution troubles. 

     Hotel towel washing tips (three) 

     Hotel Towel Tips 

     1, high dark than light-colored towel costs, towels light than dark and durable. Dark because of the high cost of chemicals is input, the dyeing time must be high. Therefore, damage to the fiber is large. And the deeper the color fastness worse. Children's best to use light-colored. Do not buy a towel with embroidery. 

     2, wet towel towel easily than dry rot, susceptible bacteria. 

     3, using a long time hardening will occur. Hotel Towel 

     4, why not water-absorbent towel after some of the? Touched a little towel, water will dry up? Because in the course of processing a towel, use a additives: this thing is a liquid softener, towels from the inside over what will become very soft. 

     Hotel towel two characteristics: 

     One is the water absorption; one is not water-absorbing. Naturally, you know the front of the problem. 

     The hotel towels to prevent odor 

     1, must use rinse with clean water after use; 

     2, regular cleaning with a detergent; hotel towels 

     3, the use must be ventilated place to dry; 

     4, you can use pasteurized towel or choose bamboo fiber towels, chitin fiber towel, bamboo fiber towels; 

     5, and most importantly, a towel is not a long time with no change, it is best to update once a month.

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