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Do you know a few tips towel
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1, terry: 
     Towels are two sides are down from the loom terry; and printing products now require printed fabric flat and smooth surface, how to do? 
     So there will be a cut pile. Terry terry is amputated half, so that the towel is suitable for printing. 
     High level of factory printed towels can have to think like painting, particularly the high-end as an ornament. 
     Now foreign products generally require velvet; terry products because the color printing color, feel comfortable. 
     The disadvantage is that the product is easy to swap terry velvet, if the process developed unreasonable; 
     Oh, it will fall into the water after a hairy. 
     But then reasonable process, terry products will be slightly out of velvet. 
     Terry products are not on the printing is not detailed, but durable enough, do not worry it will fall fur; feel relatively almost friends. 

2, absorbent: 
     Why does the water-absorbent towel after some of the? Touched a little towel, water will dry up? 
     Because in the course of processing the towel, an adjuvant used: Softener 
     This thing is a kind of liquid, towels from the inside over what will become very soft. 
     It has two: one is water absorption; one is no water absorption. 
     Naturally, you know the front of the problem. 
     Non-absorbent special bright color products, coated with a layer of fat seems to indicate the same; so when you want to buy a towel, then a thin towel very bright, it is non-absorbent friends. 

3, the organization process: 
     If you are a careful person, you can find some of the side is a terry towel composed, the other side is two terry; some on both sides are a terry; little is composed of both sides are two loops. 
     This is very important to tell you, oh! 
     Generally, we see that the products are composed of both sides is a terry towel oh; public because it is an ordinary product, called simply wool craft; 
     And occasionally you will see that there is a loop consisting of one side, the other side is two terry towels, this is called single-and double wool craft; belong to the high-end product line, so this is more durable; printed brightly colored bright; 
More difficult to see that both gross process, that is, two terry towels on both sides are composed; this special thick towel. Are high-end products. Needless to say, this stuff is naturally very expensive price. 

4, interrupted: 
     What is out of stock? 
     Oh, in fact, we see in the supermarket many of which are interrupted towel towel. 
     You can see that in addition to the middle of terry towels, the emergence of cloth stalls, some towels on the towel is interrupted; 
     It's ever-changing process can be; able to weave many, many tricks to; 
     Relatively high price of this towel! The market price is more than 8 yuan a washcloth. 

5, Jacquard: 
     That can be seen on some terry towel, a little cloth stalls, these terry cloth gear ratio is lower; through the process engineers to develop technology, these bump showing a variety of flowers. 
     This towel price than ordinary towels much more expensive; but it can only be achieved through a mix of color staining; pattern simple. 

6, embroidery: 
     This simple, we see in the supermarket have a lot of towels, computer embroidery of a puppy, a flower and so on. 
     Tim spent on the scene for this towel value of 1 to 2 dollars. 

7, towels: 
     After the bath is enclosed in the body; 
     There are children's towels (usually 60x120cm 69x137cm), adult bath towel (76x152cm most common). 
     This towel is generally printed with very nice color: cartoon, beauty, scenery ...... especially popular. 
     In addition, these towels in a foreign country as a beach towel to use; during travel to the beach and to the pad on the beach after swimming draped over his body. 
     Towels as decorations is particularly good. 
     General domestic use plain towels, these things are not made by printing, but all white, or with a light colored; generally use relatively universal hotel. 
     The family generally does not use this kind of thing. 
     The little girl is particularly fond of the cartoon-like, because they are too beautiful, so, in the domestic towels are also quite popular. 

8, cotton: 
     We see the plain towels, manufacturers generally profit driven, in cotton mixed with a chemical fiber; but we can not tell whether there is fiber! ! 
     Many of these doped fiber manufacturers, so that they get a lot of cost reduction! 
     And how do we try to distinguish it? 
     Fiber is generally soft and comfortable feel special; feeling very soft (speaking in front of note softener has this feature) 
     And we saw a big blow at the end product (and a large towel printing) products easily distinguishable: Flanagan fiber yarn is colored, white, purple lights in the following; 
     Exhibit the same color to the bill. So use this method to identify the plain towels are also effective trick! ! ! 

9, the active print: 
     Many people do not know this! 
     This means that the dyes used in color printing; 
     Note that this is a non-toxic dye, oh. 
     What paint printed? 
     It is easy to separate. The former pattern color printing glossy, the latter, not shiny, ugly oh. We saw tea towel is paint; it printed over the place; 
     Terry or suede stick together, no fluffy, being out of the product. Be careful not to buy it! ! 
     The paint is still used because it is terry or suede stick together; they were using and printing fonts, line; This can be used, so that our products are another new vision.

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