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Fitness Knowledge: "towel exercise" to help you fall asleep fast
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Sleep fast sleep, the next day will be refreshed and is also beneficial to beauty care. Recently, the "Japanese Economic News" combines the Tokyo Akasu hospital physicians Akasu Reiko, the famous Bridge Miho fast sleep therapist, assistant women's nutrition recommendations Asao Takako University, summed up the recipe to help you fall asleep fast. 
Three meals a fixed time. As early as 6:00 to get up, eat breakfast, use of dawn adjust the clock, allowing the body to do a good job preparing to greet a new day; 12:00 for lunch, a nap after a meal 10 to 15 minutes; 19:00 supper; 23:00 bedtime, with drowsiness immediately to sleep, do not drag. 
Sooner or later eat food. Sooner or later diet on sleep extremely critical, we recommend the following recipe eating. Breakfast: a cup of milk or yogurt, one egg, to ensure protein intake. Dinner: total control of the day-third or less of the total food intake. To work overtime at night, you can eat a piece of bread before work, supplemented carbohydrates, and then go home to eat dishes. 
Do sets of towels parade. Use towel stretch joints, bones, muscles relax, do it again every day before going to bed can help fast sleep. Specifically: the mountain of stick-like hands towel, hold both ends, holding over the shoulder, the left and right sides of the body to bend over; grip position as before, a substantial body of helplessness; grip position as before, placed behind , move up and down; supine, good mat towel roll in the lower back, lying about 1 minute.

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