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Fancy line applications in woolen fabric of
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Optional materials a great influence on the style of wool fabric, feel and wearability. The main raw material is wool woolen fibers can also be used scraps of each process, and other animal fiber, natural fiber and chemical fiber. Yarn to yarn mainly, but also can be part of the strands, woolen yarn, tweed products often using some fancy dotted line to do. Fancy lines and more using a variety of chemical fiber yarn as core wire and solid wire, decorative yarn loop yarn is often used wool, mohair. Fancy yarn tweed fabric for grain surface, often with ring coated wire so that it has greater resistance; lower warp and weft density fabric structure is relatively loose, but require bright fabric, soft rot is not loose, the pursuit of fashion garments technology, modern, while the wool fiber function taking the requirements are relatively lower. After finishing the fabric part due to the special structure of the wool fiber presence and fancy lines, still embodies the feel of wool. In addition to synthetic yarn fancy yarn can constitute fancy lines, tweed fabric can also be used in ordinary wool blended yarn, or yarn and acrylic, viscose, cotton and other alternate arrangement, so that not only enriched varieties without affecting the sense of wool fabric, while reducing costs. 
Development of thin woolen fabric 
     Thin woolen products is a trend of the future, the way to achieve light and thin are: reducing the number of bits of yarn; change yarn structures, such as the use of coarse and fine spinning yarn, or fiber yarn, fancy yarn interleaving intervals; change the structure of the fabric, loose structure of the fabric can be developed; fancy yarn fabric can be added to a portion of the fabric surface to improve the degree of filling of the fabric without increasing the weight or less of increasing the appearance of the case reaches its requirements. According to the arrangement fancy line with ordinary yarn than can be designed and full flower embellishment class fabric. 

Simplify the organizational structure 
     Constitute part of the fabric using fancy line without the use of complex organizations can achieve the fabric style special effects, but also can reduce the problems generated during weaving. If you fancy line in order to highlight the effect, was elected to do with fancy lines weft, weft face can be organized, such as a color-point yarn fabric shown in Figure 1, the organization in Figure 2. Warp yarn using 10 white and 10 color-point yarn 2:2 arrangement, the use of color point weft yarn. Color point cross with a regular distribution of the surface of the fabric flowers and white dots irregularly distributed evenly but echoes white jacquard color point in the front flower endowed with layering. Another example is the use of plain do to organize a small amount of warp and weft of fancy yarn, forming a variety of cell products. Figure 3 shows the arrangement of latitude and longitude lines and fancy yarn ratio of two to spend 12 to spend six hair two tweed wool products. 
Figure 1 
Figure 2 
Figure 3 
Three-dimensional style outstanding products 
     The traditional woolen ask for it, flat surface, do not reveal shading, generally after fulling fabric finishing. The use of fancy yarns such as circle line, knot lines, loose texture design loose structure of the product, are grain surface style, can enrich the fabric colors, patterns with a three-dimensional sense and artistic, soft and elastic. 

Rich colors and flower products 
     Color plays an important role in the wool. Woolen products, flowers are mainly of type, lattice, including rules grid, irregular grid, such as the size and color mode nested grid pattern. Changes in the pattern and color changes and with a separate application fancy colored lines richer color changes. According to product trends and fashion color of objects used, can be a bright, bright colors, can also choose subtle and elegant colors. When the fabric belong to the same support surface structure, color should be similar brightness gap can be larger, so that the fabric has a depth level of change; When the line as a decoration in fancy fabrics, colors should be background color, fancy color line is dotted with color, so color contrast strongly, play a finishing touch. Fancy color change line itself makes woolen tweed design more protean, as with all-white silk terry core wire and solid lines with dark, can form a snowflake shape; terry yarn can be formed by printing corrugated appear intermittently; with segment Ransha terry, terry can form multicolor.

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