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Cotton towels wholesale introduction of common sense
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1, high cotton towels wholesale cost than light-colored dark, dark durable than light-colored towel. Dark because of the high cost of chemicals is input, the dyeing time must be high. Therefore, damage to the fiber is large. And the deeper the color fastness worse. Children's best to use light-colored. Do not buy a towel with embroidery. 
2, the cost of weight, towels on a weight basis, the more severe, it costs the higher the quality of course will be better points. 
3, using a long time hardening will occur. 
4, wet towel towel easily than dry rot, susceptible bacteria. 
5, why the water after some non-absorbent cotton towels wholesale towel touched a little bit, because the water will dry towel in the treatment process, the use of an adjuvant:?? Softener this thing is a kind of liquid, cotton towel from the inside over what will become very soft. It has two: one is water absorption; one is no water absorption. Naturally, you know the front of the problem. Non-absorbent special bright color products, coated with a layer of fat seems to indicate the same; so when you want to buy wholesale cotton towel, then a thin towel very bright, it is non-absorbent friends.

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