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Advice: 6 categories of textile products "junk orders" do not "pick"
2017/8/25 11:08:28 点击数:1328

Textiles six garbage single, do not touch: 
The first: the large number of small deposits, beginning what the requirements are not followed require a lot! An order will put their own death. 
The second: American Standard quality, garbage rates, such orders are often the last to pay their own. 
Third: not clear business delivery, quality is unclear business. You are not sure how to take the road ahead, chaos fooled by customers own ground, until finally finish up a single, air shipping! ! 
Fourth: urgent delivery business, customers often such orders or else somewhere else done, or is the ultimate buyers have done a lot of home are doing well, so you little quality problem, or else guarantee discount shipping, or air shipment, or cancel the order. 
Fifth: the middle of a lot of middlemen, such orders, demanding very far off, because too many middlemen, leading to the eventual buyers purchase price is too high, and very high quality requirements, a problem with the ultimate buyers to single-handedly suppliers, unable to articulate the meaning of the middle, best practices and missed opportunity! 
Sixth: Customer deposits that are tightly, but also all owe to the next house, and to wait at home money, and under the house to give money, and you're sitting in the middle to get a commission. 
As long as there are at home to find a reason not to pay a big list, and then you years of profits may make sense, or you could not pay the next house payment, can only choose to go into exile, from hidden life! Money is not easy, and earn and pay attention!